SolydEra enables the energy transition.

Everything is about fuel cells at SolydEra.

SolydEra combines the individual fuel cells to stacks and systems of various sizes for various applications. The technology – engineered, crafted, and put into function by SolydEra’s teams of experts and innovative researchers, designers, industrial production specialists, and system technicians – is the basis for powerful current and future energy solutions.

SolydEra’s technology solutions have proven to be the most efficient and flexibly applicable.

solydera production

Solid flexibility

The big advantage is the capability of the SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) systems to convert various types of gas into electricity and heat. This guarantees fully reliable and continuous energy supply, especially with volatile renewable sources.

In the new energy situation and driven by the need to decarbonize, and to be independent from foreign supply chains, other great strengths of SolydEra’s technology come to bear: the use for hydrogen production and for flexible energy storage by SOE (Solid Oxide Electrolysis).