SOLIDpower has become SolydEra


  • Name change follows new company strategy transforming existing and proven technology into platform for hydrogen production
  • Established solid oxide fuel cells provider now shifts business to larger commercial and industrial applications
  • Double digit annual growth for years to come

Pergine, Italy, 03.10.2022 – SOLIDpower will change its company name to SolydEra. This follows the implementation of a new corporate strategy by the company’s Board of Directors.

“Our new company name SolydEra best reflects our entering into a new era of hydrogen production, in particular for energy storage, and our capturing of continuous growth in the solid oxide fuel cell business,” explained Martin Füllenbach, the Chairman and CEO of SolydEra, SolydEra is also clearing a confusing name duplication with an American company in the car battery business.

“As our technology has proven to be the most efficient among the industry and is ready for upscaling, the new company name is a strong signal for positive change and progress to all our stakeholders,” Füllenbach announced.

SolydEra’s technology responds to strong customer demand for decarbonization and independence from fossil energy. The company develops and manufactures SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) stacks and systems for highly efficient energy conversion from different types of gas into electricity and heat as well as solutions for hydrogen production and flexible energy storage (SOE – Solid Oxide Electrolysis).

Based on nearly 3.000 of its BLUEGEN power generating systems being deployed in 17 countries, which have already achieved more than 60 million hours of reliable operations, SolydEra will now extend its focus and product offering to larger commercial and industrial applications. Business opportunities with data centers, large warehouses, supermarkets, and other potential users will provide double digit growth potential for the years to come.

In H1 2022, SolydEra’s order book more than doubled, and the company received an unprecedented number of project requests, in particular for future deliveries of customized cascaded (up to 40kW) and containerized (above 100KW) product solutions.

Solid oxide electrolysis enabling green hydrogen production and flexible energy storage is expected to be the main value driver for the company in the future.

For 2030, demand for hydrogen is expected to be more than double the available production capacity. SolydEra has its electrolysis technology ready and is actively engaged in advanced cooperation talks with partners. “This business has a 50 percent annual growth perspective,” Martin Füllenbach said, “it is limited only by available technology. SolydEra has the technology for reliable energy supply regardless of sunlight, wind and weather conditions. Hydrogen will be the most important contribution to deep carbonization and independence from fossil energy supply.”

The company is currently investing in all three of its business areas to strengthen the technological base of all its related products with life-time improvement, stack cost reduction and overall growth preparation.

SolydEra building

About SolydEra

SolydEra S.p.A. is all about reliable, efficient and continuous energy supply, especially from renewable energy sources. The core of the business are fuel cell stacks. Over the last five years, € 300 Mio have been invested in the company’s research & development, market introduction as well as on large, most modern stack production facilities. The company has 250 employees and facilities in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. Its headquarters is in Pergine, Alto Adige/Trentino, Italy. The company originally was a Swiss university spin-off, founded in 2006. Nearly 3.000 of its Bluegen power and heat generating systems are deployed in 17 countries.

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