SolydEra GmbH in Heinsberg filed for insolvency

Heinsberg, Germany, July 18th 2023

Today in Heinsberg SolydEra GmbH has filed for insolvency. Following the decision by the German government to discontinue on short notice the subsidies for micro-CHPs, there isn’t a viable business case for the BG-15 system anymore. It is no longer attractive for customers and a lossmaking business threat to SolydEra as a whole. As a consequence, SolydEra’s shareholders decided to end budget support for its German entity which will now cease to manufacture and sell the BG-15.

The management deeply appreciates the hard work that its employees have invested in the company and regrets the events which have made this decision necessary.

Over the last 12 months, SolydEra has changed many of its legacy structures beginning with its business strategy and company name. The company is now ready to implement a future growth strategy needed to capture an expanding share of the rapidly increasing demand for fuel cells stacks and other technologies.


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